Immigration Nightmare for Children

This is sick…(not the cool kind, either)

I have known bad things from in the service most wouldn’t believe.
The thing is, I have no choice about believing them as I was there. So while it boggles my head to know I did and survived such, believing or not isn’t an option. 

You’d get that if we met. Violence is just not my thing.

But the scars both visible and invisible, the bum knee and occasional white nights because I refuse to “go back there” all require the understanding that it happened. 

Now, I read the unending horror story playing out on our southern border and in these “detention centers” and know that I got off easy and should’ve quit while I was ahead.

Because THIS is nightmare: A shameful, unacceptable and un-American apocalypse of dishonor.

We have to pay attention;  we have to let this be graven in our minds and memories. Because we have to end this. TOGETHER. 17 months, people.  go look in a mirror and decide.

~Chris Braun, S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun