Illinois State Rep. Tries To Use Scriptures In Marriage Debate

It seems that we have yet another lawmaker who knows nothing about the law when it comes to how the Bible does- or rather, doesn’t- influence decisions with regards to how laws are made in this nation. That has been a recurring theme in the same-sex marriage debate, as state after state legalizes marriage equality against the wishes of religious conservatives. This time, its Rep. Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) of Illinois who is using that particular argument to make a fool of himself on the House floor. Here is what Rep. Kay had to say during a debate on same-sex marriage:

The other thing I didn’t hear today was the fact that this nation was built on the scriptures. And then came the Constitution. Is that not right?

Kay paused, then continued:

I think it is. Our Constitution has always looked to the scriptures for its guidance and its columns and its foundations and its leanings, its underpinnings. And, yet, I’ve heard nothing today about the scriptures. The only thing I have heard is about human rights. So I guess we have walked away, we have backed away from our heritage in this nation, which we seem to do quite regularly for the expediency of what we wish to do in the moment. And, ladies and gentlemen, that’s pride. That’s the belief you’re better than the very foundations of this nation which we find in the scriptures.

Sorry, Rep. Kay, no, you are not right. You can live your life by the scriptures all you like, but, you see, there’s that pesky little thing called the First Amendment that keeps us from making laws based around religion. That means that nobody, including you, can force anyone to live by the scriptures or any other religious tome. See how that works? You can’t make other people follow your religion.

The Illinois House started to debate a same-sex marriage bill on Tuesday. The Senate has already approved such a bill. If approved, the Governor has already said that it will be signed.

About the Author / Shannon Barber

Shannon Barber is a self- described queer feminist and activist for LGBT rights, women’s rights, and secular rights in America. She is a lifelong lover of words, though her educational background is in computer science. She currently writes for 3 liberal websites, and keeps her own Humor Blog for lesbians. She hopes to change the world, one mind at a time.

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