Howard Dean States The Obvious: Ted Cruz 'Doesn't Know Anything About Health Care' (VIDEO)

Of course, just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it didn’t need to be said.

During a CNN interview on Sunday, former Vermont Governor (D), Howard Dean went right at Ted Cruz over his continuing and doomed effort to repeal Obamacare. “Ted Cruz may be a very good politician but he certainly doesn’t know anything about health care,” Dean said.

Hailing from a state (Texas) that ranks dead last in health care services and delivery, you might think that Cruz would at least want to offer a viable alternative before returning the people of his state out with the tumbleweeds and that brush that President Bush never seemed to stop clearing.

Cruz does have one borrowed idea, but Dean debunked the notion that buying health care across state lines would fix the whole system as well. “I don’t want the Texas insurance commissioner being the commissioner up here in Vermont,” Dean said. “So these are crazy ideas that are from the far right. He’s a slick spokesman and God help us if he ever does get to be anything more than the senator from Texas.”

See the full video below. It will almost make you want to let out a YEEEAAAHHHHH!

Author: David Phillips

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