Hevrin Khalef – Kurds Murdered with USA Complicity

Her name was Ms Hevrin Khalef. This was a good woman, person and leader.

She was pulled from her car and shot to death along with her driver by Turkish backed Syrian fighters as were at least 8 others.

The Turks regard this as a success, and have said so in their state media. But it is impossible to see this as anything but a war crime. One in which “we the people of the United States” are now complicit.

I reject the right of any president to tacitly condone such atrocities. (A good friend posted a tweet saying she was raped. I removed it as I couldn’t verify any such detail.)

The reality I can verify is bad enough. This piece is from an Israeli paper. This is a shameful stain upon us all and we cannot continue under such wantonly criminal “leadership”.

We are shamed before the world and may never regain our honor, but we can start to regain it. Trump must go.

Author: Chris Braun

1 thought on “Hevrin Khalef – Kurds Murdered with USA Complicity

  1. I say she’s right…A war crime that trump made happen and innocent people killed…It’s on his head and I hope he suffers for these crimes he committed war and other wise.

What say you, the people?