Hating Rubio's Watergate

Why Conservatives Hated Watergate

Bill O’Reilly covered the scandal that was the coverage of Rubio’s Watergate.  O’Reilly’s argument progressed to where conservative media always does, that conservatives are, in terms of media underrepresented–a point which at some levels is true.  Colin Quinn said “‘[liberal media’s] so big it’s not a conspiracy.”  Where O’Reilly is wrong is that this is not a chance occurrence.  Most comedians and most journalists are in fact left-leaning and therefore the news and comedy will have that bent.  What really grinds Papa Bear’s gears is that, conservatives not only can’t, but won’t ever  have a conservative equivalent of Stewart and Colbert.  That is because the only form of info-tainment FOX-watching conservatives want is FOX.  The framing and hijacking of a cultural moment is now the job of late night comedians, memes, and social media.  Frankly, for casual recipients, that is how a lot of political news filters in, and more than airtime, that is what I suspect O’Reilly envies: to have a primal, psychic feed into the cultural consciousness and the creative manpower to do so.  What he calls propaganda I call satire, and as good a position FOX is in to be anti-establishment and promote subversion–they still inspire the greatest satire themselves.

Why I Hated Watergate

Where I agree with O’Reilly is that regular news media should cover the news, not the memes.  I don’t think FOX is in a position to rein in other news outlets regarding journalistic standards, but MSNBC running Rubio’s video 155 times is pretty ridiculous–not because it’s propaganda, but because it’s lazy journalism.  The commentary of talk shows should follow a serious discussion of the issues, but daytime news is dying to beat them to the punch–a 24-hour political tabloid.  This distractibility engrosses all news and all news watchers, and I will champion the first that raises the bar.

Rubio’s speech had problems beyond the water-lunge, and I would’ve liked to see thoughtful discussion about them.

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