Happy Veterans Day?

Each year on November 11th another Veterans Day rolls around.  The president lays a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Solder at Arlington National Cemetery.  Parades are held and thanks given to living Vets.  Happy Veterans Day?

But what about the Veterans who made it home and killed themselves?  The truth is so painful that we choose, in many cases, to sweep it under the rug.  They are all but forgotten.

On average, 22 veterans take their own life each day.  That boggles my mind.  But ponder this fact, according to a HBO special that will air tonight, more veterans died at their own hands since 2001 than all who got killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan combined  (please find the link below)!

HBO Special on Veterans Suicide

I do not have any easy answers to solving this problem.  But I also know that continuing to deny this horrible reality is wrong.  Whatever solutions are available at the Federal, State, and Local government and private sector, they should be fully funded to stem this horrible rising tide of suicide by our veterans.  Standing by and doing a half-ass job is a moral atrocity.

Perhaps most important, the next time a president gets a crazy idea to send our boys to war they should consider the big picture.  The costs, both financially and in human lives lost abroad and at home, during and after the conflict ends.

No president should ever again declare, “Mission Accomplished” when they know damn well that the effects of war can linger for decades.

Author: The Blue Route

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