Gov. Kasich of Ohio Wants You to be Clear on Your New Rights (VIDEO)

Gov. Kasich is concerned that you might not understand the new Ohio laws regulating women so they won’t have to make their own decisions about personal issues. He is aware that those “feminazis” are having “radical feminist fits” about your right to choice under Roe v. Wade. Now you know he just loves you sweet little things so he wants to make sure these rabble-rousers don’t confuse your poor weak, dumb-ass minds or cause your emotional state to become unstable. He understands that’s a problem you just can’t help and is concerned that you’ll think he’s a controlling, misogynist bully so this video is being provided to help you understand the new and simple process he and his fellow good ole boys have put in place to take care of you.

He knows you having trouble understanding how your body just “shuts that whole thing down” and public policy is just too complex for your poor little mind so there will be a new public service message coming on the 14 new and easy to follow steps to find affordable birth control. Uncle John is taking care of you poor little darlings and he’ll see you at the polls in 2014 to elect him again! 🙂

Author: Cheryl Creech

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