'Ghost Hunters' Accused Of Burning Down Historic Louisiana Plantation

Most people think of ghost hunting as fun. Ridiculous, but fun. However, this time, it looks like it could have turned criminal. This past Saturday, the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office in Arabi, Louisiana arrested seven men for allegedly burning down historic LeBeau Plantation House.

The plantation’s claims to fame are a ghostly presence of a woman in a white dress, as well as its infamously brutal treatment of slaves. The ‘ghost hunters’ arrived at the house late this past Thursday night, with the intention of spending the evening ghosthunting. Sheriff Colonel John Doran told The Times-Picayune:

They had been looking for ghosts, trying to summon spirits, beating on the floors.

The men, high on marijuana and alcohol by then, allegedly then began toying with the idea of burning the plantation house down, due to frustration with the lack of ghostly appearances.

Police believe that Dusten Davenport began stacking firewood around the base of the house around 2. A.M. Friday morning. Then, either Davenport or one of the men he was with set the house ablaze.

Davenport, as well as Joshua Allen, Joshua Briscoe, Jerry Hamblen, and Joseph Landin has been charged with arson, burglary, and criminal trespassing. Two others, Bryon Meek and Kevin Barbe, have been charged with accessory to arson.

Well, it looks like this ghost hunt turned out to be more trouble than fun for these gentlemen, and they will spend quite a bit of time behind bars thinking about what their evening of mischief has cost them.

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