George Will: Unmarried Mothers Hurt Black Community More Than Lack Of Rights (Video)

George Will seems to have a preoccupation with unmarried mothers in the black community. Recently, he blamed the demise of Detroit on unmarried women along with a “cultural collapse.”

Today, on the This Week show, he worked in another “unmarried mothers” criticism of the black community. This time, claiming that unmarried mothers hurt the black community more than a lack of civil rights.

His comments came as a response to ABC’s Cokie Roberts saying that the progress made in the last 50 years was why the voting restrictions being passed by Republican-controlled legislatures around the country were “downright evil.”

That to which you refer were foreshadowed by something eight months after the march. A young social scientist from Harvard working in the Labor Department published a report. His name was Daniel Patrick Moynahan. He said, ‘There is a crisis in the African-American community, because 24% of African-American children are born to unmarried women. Today it’s tripled to 72%. That, and not an absence of rights, is surely the biggest impediment.

There is no question that single parents have a harder time economically and in other ways than married parents, but Will seems to be deflecting the blame away from the discrimination, and the accompanying lack of the same civil rights that whites have, in this society by bringing up his tired old “unmarried mothers” canard.

Please watch it below, video courtesy of Mediaite.

Author: The Blue Route

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