Fugelsang: Sarah Palin Is The GOP's Jar Jar Binks (VIDEO)

During an interview with substitute host Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show”, comedian John Fugelsang took a few funny, but precise jabs at Sarah Palin as they discussed why she was on what Dyson described as a ‘publicity tour’ and what she does that actually helps (don’t laugh, I’m serious) the GOP.

She does for the GOP what Jar Jar Binks did for Star Wars Episode I. She distracts the easily amused from a total lack of narrative. But in this case, it’s more about her just  keeping herself in the spotlight. And the fact is – and you know this doctor –  no major candidate will ever criticize her on the GOP side. No politician outside of Dick Cheaney has ever criticized her once, because for all of the laughable aspects of her, she is still a king-maker and everybody wants her endorsement.

Fugelsang continued:

 Her job, is to keep herself in the media eye, she’s very good at doing that. She is going to talk about the ‘War on Christmas’ and make that her new pet issue with the book that somebody else wrote. And that should be pretty effective. Telling people who are the religious majority they’re an abused minority will never make you go broke.

He closed by calling Palin “a hero to gullible conservatives, smart liberals, and all comedians.”

Check out his rant in the video below (via YouTube/PalinGrifter2012)

Author: The Blue Route

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