Foul-Mouthed Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler FIRED! (Video)

Mark Kessler, the now-infamous police chief of tiny Gilberton, Pennsylvania has officially joined the ranks of the unemployed after a closed-door meeting amongst city officials on Thursday night. They voted 6-1 to send the controversial, angry Kessler packing.

Kessler’s attorney, Joseph Nahas, says that his firing was unrelated to his controversial videos and instead was because of trumped-up allegations town officials were using to hide their desire to oust him over the videos, which featured him going on foul-mouthed tirades about liberals and the Second Amendment. In his last video, made three weeks ago while he was on unpaid suspension, Kessler appeared to threaten a Gilberton city official who he felt was most responsible for his suspension.

Kessler told reporters outside his hearing that he had been an excellent police chief and had nothing to apologize for.

“Yeah, I made some videos with some choice language, but that’s my right,” he said. “That’s my freedom.”

A handful of idiots members of Kessler’s “Constitution Security Force,” turned up to support Kessler, openly carrying assault-style weapons and handguns, and getting into arguments with others who were present.

Nahas and Kessler both say that they are prepared for a lengthy legal battle to fight against Kessler’s firing.

If that doesn’t work out, we’re sure Wayne LaPierre is chomping at the bit to make him an NRA spokesperson.

Or maybe Fox News could hire him to be their Second Amendment expert.

Author: The Blue Route

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