Former Minnesota Republican Regrets Her DOMA Vote (Video)

Former Minnesota House member, Republican Lynn Osterman, broke down in front of the Minnesota state house recounting her yes vote for DOMA when she served the state. Calling her vote a “politically expedient one,” she implored the current legislature to “…please get this right.”

12 hours later, both the House and Senate Committees forwarded a bill legalizing same sex marriage to the legislature. Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, has pledged to sign the bill should it clear both state houses.

It’s a hell of a thing to make a terrible mistake. One that Osterman knew she was making at the time. That vote came with a cost to not only the loving LGBT couples in her state, but to the legislator as well. Nearly 10 years ago, Lynn Osterman made an awful decision. This week, she tried to fix it.

See her testimony below.

Author: David Phillips

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