Focus Turns to Fox News And Obamacare Lies (VIDEO)

The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, is the right’s favorite thing to hate on these days. Of course, the Republicans’ paid mouthpieces over at Fox ‘News’ (which is more like a right-wing propaganda machine than a legitimate news network) do a lot of that hating and Obamacare lies for them. Finally fed up, President Barack Obama called them out by name for their dishonesty about his healthcare plan. They were, of course, outraged. Bill Hemmer, who is a former CNN anchor but is now a talking head on Fox, said:

What have we reported that is inaccurate about this? What has been reported through the Fox News Channel that is not accurate?

Likely everything, sir. But, of course, you probably believe your own Obamacare lies, so you won’t listen to reason on this or many other issues.  How about euthanasia for the elderly, “death panels,” (a favorite of Sarah Palin), and much, much more?

Media Matters has put together an awesome video calling them on their ridiculous claims. Watch for yourself below.


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