Ed Schultz Calls Out Hannity To Debate ObamaCare (VIDEO)

After being attacked by FOX News host Sean Hannity on Thursday, MSNBC host Ed Schultz decided he wasn’t going to take this lying down and challenged Hannity to a debate on the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Earlier in the week, Schultz argued that the majority of the media only covered Obamacare’s faults and almost never talked about any of the positives from the healthcare law, so he did on his own show.

On Thursday, Hannity aired Schultz’s segment on his show and responded by calling Schultz a suck up and implied that Schultz had his head-up-the-you-know-what of Obama.

On Friday, Schultz told his viewers how he felt about Hannity:

Hannity would sell his absolute soul to defeat President Obama and defeat Obamacare and he puts no value on his journalistic integrity — if he has any.

Schultz showed a clip of Hannity’s panel with 6 people who claimed to be Obamacare victims. The content of that episode was later debunked by Salon’s Eric Stern.

After being called a “suck up”, Schultz pointed out Hannity’s softball interview of his ‘buddy’, former president George W. Bush.

Finally, Schultz put the challenge out there:

I’m just a fun-loving, barrel-chested guy from the middle of the country who loves getting to the bottom of stuff. so let’s get it on, Sean. Come on. You pick the venue. You sell the tickets. You keep the profits. You’re all about that. I just want to prove that you’re wrong.

For the entire segment, check out the video below.

Author: The Blue Route

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