Why Dr. Ben Carson Doesn't Matter

The problem with newly minted conservative hero–he just finished 2nd to Ted Cruz in the Values Voter straw poll–Dr. Carson is, in spite of his medical skill, he’s clearly less than an independent thinker. Many of his comments seem to suggest that instead of assessing reality for himself, he’s content to believe what he’s been taught to believe. That’s why I’m so quick to advise people that while Dr. Carson may be a brilliant neurosurgeon, he’s far from what we would consider an intellectual.

We tend to hold medical doctors in high esteem and assume that they have an intellect that’s far superior to our own, but that’s not true. It’s a factoid – a lie that’s been repeated so often that it’s accepted as fact.

The fact is, the practice of medicine is a craft. Doctors are just like auto mechanics, with the exact same diagnostic and analytical skill set. The reason we hold them in such high esteem is because of all the hoops they have to jump through to become a doctor – which is much more an expression of discipline and determination than intellect – and they have the ability to save our lives. But these are things that can be taught to anyone of average intelligence, discipline, aptitude, and drive. These are all laudable qualities, but they say nothing of one’s ability to think.

Thus, while medicine is a highly disciplined craft, it’s a craft nevertheless. So while doctors are undoubtedly highly trained professionals, they’re no more intelligent or insightful than the rest of the population, as Dr. Carson’s belief in talking snakes clearly attest. So if he decides to move into the political arena where he’s exposed to REAL thinkers and intellectuals, he’s gonna be torn to shreds.

The problem with people like Dr. Carson is, he obviously thinks that he has better judgment and insight than the over 93% of the Black community who voted for Barack Obama. But as that old saying goes, when you begin to think that everyone is crazy but yourself, it’s time for YOU to be examined – and examined he’s gonna to be.

Author: Eric Wattree

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