Dog Tied To Train Tracks Saved By Quick Thinking Conductor

This is an amazing story! This little dog was tied to the train tracks by an owner that suffers from Dementia, and it was the quick thinking from the train conductor that saved his life.

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I’m glad the little dog was saved by the quick actions of a good man. I’m happy to read that the website has crashed from the number of people who want to adopt this little dog…but here’s the thing, why do we wait?

Why does a dog need to be in the headlines for hundreds or thousands of people to say I Want To Help That Little Guy? 

I get that it touches our hearts to read about a dog being rescued from an abusive home, dumped out of car on the freeway, pulled from a burning building or even, god forbid, tied to train tracks – but why does an animal need to suffer through extraordinary circumstances to make the rest of us want to save them so badly?

I just hope all those people who inquired about this dog and who crashed a website because they wanted to give Banjo a good home, realize that there are SO MANY MORE Banjos out there who need someone to care.

We humans baffle me. The Humane Society says that 10,959 animals are euthanized a day, that adds up to 4 million cats and dogs a year, all because they could not find them a home.

Tell us almost 11,000 animals are being killed a day and we will say ‘that’s horrible‘, tie one to the train tracks, and suddenly we’re scrambling over each other to take that little guy home. I suppose the only real answer is we either need to start rethinking our definition of compassion – or the Humane Society needs to invest in rope and train tracks – if that’s the only way we’re going to get Americans to actually make an effort.

The Shelter Pet Project is a national database of all the shelters that are offering rescue pets for adoption. If it makes it any easier, pretend like each and every one of these little guys was rescued in some extraordinary way…and deserves a life of comfort and love. Let’s crash those websites every single day, or at the very least, 10,959 times.

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