Do What We Have to Do!

“We ain’t seen nothing yet.” Alright, this isn’t an “I told you so” post. I mean, maybe I did say it, but who cares what I said?

The point here is that every one of the scientists, doctors and infectious disease experts warned us all that a crucial opportunity to nip this thing in the bud was missed.

But what if we were stupid? We haven’t seen anything yet. Dr. Fauci warns we could soon see 100,000 cases per day. Too soon we will envy the northeast states that a month ago were horrified by it. Because now this thing is ours.

People are going to be dying. Of those who don’t some will be fine, but some will be compromised with scarred bodies, all due to stupidity with a side of selfishness.

Stupid people are refusing to do what all of us have to do to survive. When I say “survive”, this time I mean as a nation, as a society and as a people. Some refuse for the most grotesquely amoral reasons.

Well, the bill’s coming due. Anyone who thinks there’s anything but grief in writing that is cordially invited to kiss me in a rude place after we’ve set this right and social distancing allows. Not now. For now, we in the United States are the outcasts. The rest of the world needs to avoid us like the plague, literally.

Look, We have to fix this. That means get smart, even if we don’t want to. Pardon my Marine Corps language, but:
1) Wear a f_cking MASK
2) Wash your f_cking HANDS.
3) KEEP your f_cking distance from those you claim to care for.

Do it for however long we have to! We have to survive, do a lot of work, and get the hell back on track to what the United States of America is supposed to be. the leaders of the free world.

Because this didn’t have to happen, so we need to nake some changes to see to it that it never happens again.

S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun

What say you, the people?