Do We Know How Many?

As if one weren’t angry enough already, there’s this: We don’t know what the actual death toll from COVID 19 is.

We can’t. Coroners can’t get tests. If you read the article, you’ll find some coroners are, to put it mildly, dubious about why the shortage of tests still exists.

And, while I fully agree that the implications are nearly unbelievable,
remember that the only thing this horrific man’s ever cared about was “keeping his numbers up”, so he looks good. (He thinks)

The only reason it’s unbelievable is that it would require Trump-n-company to have a flair organization beyond golfing, political rallies and failure to pay bills.

Because any possibility of moral responsibility is the cruelest of oxymorons.

S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun