Did This Man Deserve To Be Kicked In The Head And Tazed Several Times By Police? (VIDEO)

The Rehoboth Beach Police Department in Delaware is under investigation for allegations of police brutality caught on video by the defendant’s wife. The three minute video shows three police officers apprehending an unarmed man and tasing him multiple times, even after he was on his knees. It also shows one officer kicking him in the head after he was down.

His wife, who was video taping the interaction, was heard screaming, “stop tasing him.” She also claimed to be eight and a half months pregnant.

The video is below:


This video may only be one side of the story. According to Delaware Online:

What viewers don’t see, according to one witness who called the police, is that previously the man had been physically fighting with his wife, then wrestled with arriving officers for several minutes before they subdued him.

“If I was a cop, I might have kicked him in the head, too,” said Lauren Lewandowski, co-owner of Salon La Roc.

According to a motel clerk who initially called the police, the man in the video entered a motel demanding to get his “girlfriend’s” key. It was unclear whether the woman recording the video was actually his wife or whether she was his girlfriend.

He shouted profanities at the clerk and at housekeeping staff.

The couple was seen fighting on the sidewalk. The man allegedly pushed the woman. After the police arrived, he allegedly verbally fought with police for several minutes before the tape started.

The officers are still on active duty, but the case is being investigated by internal affairs.

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