Diabetic Woman Sees Premiums Plummet From $500 To $1 – Thanks Obama!

Gail Roach, 57, of Pittsburgh was accustomed to paying $509 per month for her retirement health insurance package. With Type 2 diabetes, her costs were prohibitive. As soon as the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) rolled out on October 1, she began to think about exploring her options.

She wasn’t deterred by the website problems. She simply picked up the phone and called. A specialist walked her through the various options and helped her find a plan whose premium is only $70. More exploration netted an even bigger surprise: with the Cost Sharing Benefit and a tax credit, Roach was able to get her premiums down to $1.11 per month.

She was shocked. She told WTAE:

I couldn’t believe it.  I just couldn’t believe it.  But it was within my budget.

Image via WTAE-TV video

Roach is now a believer and is doing her part to help spread the word about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and to alleviate people’s fears and concerns. Roach joins other Americans who are finding Obamacare to be a “blessing” for them.

I’m telling people they need to look into it. They need to be patient about it,” said Roach. “Go to the website. If you can’t get on, call the number on the website and just be very patient because it’s very much worth it.

Here is the WTAE video.


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Author: The Blue Route