Congressman Steve Cohen and Cartoonist Bill Day Discuss the Tea Party, the NRA, and Print Media on NPTR (AUDIO)

Last Sunday on National Progressive Talk Radio, Tennessee congressman, Steve Cohen (D), and his constituent, the gifted political cartoonist, Bill Day, discussed a variety of issues in a wide reaching conversation.

Cohen joined for the first 30 minutes of the interview to praise the work of Bill Day. Cohen and Day took some criticism after the Navy Yard shooting when he the congressman tweeted a cartoon by Day criticizing the NRA by attaching the capitol and the Washington Monument to an AR-15 assault rifle. Reaction was quick and harsh, leading to Bill O’Reilly himself attacking both Cohen and Day on his Fox Show.

While the NPTR discussion included that topic, the Government shutdown, the Tea Party at large, and the long term viability of print media were also covered.

The second half of the discussion goes more deeply into the career of the 2 time Robert F. Kennedy award winning Bill Day. Day’s upbringing, inspirations, and encyclopedic knowledge of the history of political cartoons uncover a fascinating biography of a talented artist.

Listen to the entire interview below.

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Author: David Phillips

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