Colorado Chopper Pilots Caught On Video Charging $1,200+ For Rescues

Rescuers in the devastating Colorado flood crisis are advising residents to evacuate or be prepared to suffer for weeks without electricity and running water. But are officials making it easy for them to leave? A pilot in this video gives the impression that some rescuers may be exploiting desperate and terrified people.

According to CBS News, residents are being warned that if they do not evacuate now, they may not have another chance — rescuers won’t return for people who refuse to leave.

“We’re not trying to force anyone from their home. We’re not trying to be forceful, but we’re trying to be very factual and definitive about the consequences of their decision, and we hope that they will come down,” Pelle said.

The question is whether or not it’s possible for everyone to leave. If some residents are being confronted with paying hefty fees for rescue, how realistic is that? In this video, when the chopper pilot was told that “this is an emergency,” he replied that there were people less fortunate.

“There’s people that are on oxygen, people that are hurt…that’s an emergency.”

Search efforts are being coordinated between Colorado state personnel and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Approximately 19,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed in the flood-ravaged  towns. The number of people who are unaccounted for has risen to more than 1,000.

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Author: The Blue Route

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