Coffins for Christmas

This commentary won’t be as formal as what I usually write. Frankly that’s because while my heart breaks, I’m absolutely furious at the stupidity and heartlessness of people-and it’s a righteous anger that’s burning a hole in my soul that must be purged before I can sleep.

The horror of Newtown gets worse with every new piece of the story. Now we know that this sick young man fired 154 bullets in less than five minutes. He took multiple 30 round clips, instead of the 10 round clips he left at home, so he could slaughter as many babies as possible before he could be stopped. He had over 1000 rounds of ammunition in his house with a ridiculous supply of weapons. His mother evidently thought gun ranges were good therapy for a kid with problems and who was obsessed with weapons. They both needed a keeper.

It wouldn’t have mattered if there had been armed police in that school because he’d have shot them first. In five minutes he could have mowed down a whole crew of police. If the teachers had been armed he’d have shot them in a split second when they hesitated, because nobody who’s sane and hasn’t had intensive training to do so can easily put a bullet in another human being.

The thing that went through my mind while we watched this disaster unfold just before Christmas that I can’t get out of my mind was that 20 families were going to buy coffins for Christmas instead of Christmas presents. Let’s think about that for a moment…coffins for babies instead of Christmas presents. I can’t think of it without crying and shame on anyone who can.

A friend of mine’s brother was killed many years ago on Thanksgiving and it has never been Thanksgiving for that family again and never will be. These families are forever altered and Christmas will never be Christmas to them again. Surviving siblings and classmates are suffering still and most likely will for the rest of their lives. Innocent babies went off to school not knowing they were entering what would soon become a slaughter-house.

I posted a reminder on my Facebook page and some brainwashed, half-wit actually posted something about Benghazi as if that had anything to do with it because they will even use these babies’ bodies to attack the president rather than grieving as a normal person should. The 4 diplomats/soldiers who died in Benghazi were all adults who had volunteered for service in a hostile country and knew they could be killed. Under George W. Bush, 11 embassies were attacked. What does this have to do with Newtown and what the hell is wrong with people?

Going to kindergarten should not be a suicide mission. They were babies going off to school and had every right to expect to be safe in the United States. Those heroic women who died doing everything they could to protect those children should not have had to perish. Women and children…this is the United States of America and this is a horror that has left everyone with a brain and heart scarred and grieving for these children and their families.

I am beyond belief that there is anyone who thinks we should do nothing to try to prevent it from happening again. Nobody has asked for total disarmament. I understand that in rural areas many people rely on wild game to supplement their food budget and it would create an undue hardship for them if they couldn’t have a gun.

Having grown up as a country girl where the only deputy might be on the other side of the county dealing with a liquored up fool who wanted to beat his family, I knew you had to be prepared to protect yourself and your family until he could get there.

But we didn’t need an assault rifle with 30 round clips to do any of those things. My dad and my brother were gone for less than an hour with a single shot .410 and came home with 13 rabbits. Even a pump shotgun had to have a block so it could only carry a few shells at one time but that didn’t keep us from hunting all the food we needed and protecting ourselves. My dad wouldn’t have allowed a gun like that in the house.

Nobody needs a gun like that for any legitimate purpose. They are called assault weapons because they are weapons of war designed for killing people en mass before they even have a chance to run. We do not need these guns on our streets where any lunatic or criminal can have easy access to them. You cannot legally have a grenade launcher in your yard and this is worse because it’s portable. You do not need one and if are goofy enough or paranoid enough to want one that is proof you should not have one.

Universal background checks and banning these weapons is the least we can do and it is not only criminal but heartless to even suggest we should do nothing. And shame on any parent whose child is sleeping safely in their bed tonight if they would suggest we should go on as if nothing happened. How can you even think such a thing?

I’ll tell you straight up I’m furious enough to bite a ten penny nail in two, my heart is broken and I’m so disgusted and disappointed in my fellow Americans…the ones who would cling to the love of their guns…or their hate of the president…over the lives of these children and the suffering of their families. If you do that and claim to be a Christian you need to get on your knees and talk to your God until your heart and mind is purged of your hate and fear. You tell me you are a person of faith but you don’t feel safe without an assault rifle? You’re a liar and have no faith.

We need to do it and do it now, and any politician who stands in the way of protecting our children needs to go yesterday. Please call your representatives and tell them we won’t stand for this to be swept under the carpet as if it didn’t matter…as if they didn’t matter.

I leave you with one thought: 20 families, 20 babies, who got coffins for Christmas…coffins for Christmas.

Author: Cheryl Creech

What say you, the people?