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Interactive Map Shows Food Stamp Cuts, State By State

An interactive map by Stateline tracks exactly where the hardest food stamps cuts — which went into effect on Nov. 1 — are hitting. The Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program (SNAP) supplements food budgets for approximately 47 million Americans and was reduced by $5 billion in reductions. The $5 billion in increased benefits were a […]

Retrenchment and Higher Education: A Followup

Retrenchment and Higher Education As a result of continued annual budget cuts under Governor Tom Corbett (18% for 2013 alone) to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), all universities in the system have had to reconcile the difference by making difficult financial decisions.  However, one state college, East Stroudsburg University (full disclosure: my […]

Maddow: If You Want To Vote In Texas, It Will Help To Be White (VIDEO)

Using the great state of Texas as a test case, Rachel Maddow excoriated the GOP’s voter suppression efforts ahead of future elections. Maddow goes to great lengths to expose the motivations and machinations behind the thrust to make it harder for people to work. Well, not people, per se, but non-white people. Using the minority […]