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Tricky Dicky From Yorba Linda

Speaking of Presidential crimes committed on audio tape, on this very day in 1974, President Nixon flatly refuses to produce any of the more than…

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A Return to Perfidy

On this day in 1923 US Interior Secretary Albert Fall resigns from President Warren G. Harding’s cabinet in response to public outrage over the Teapot…

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The Lion’s Last Roar

On this day in 1956 Israeli forces, followed by French and British troops, invade Egypt, sparking the Suez Crisis, and bringing parts of Western Europe…

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Ford’s Fateful Faux Pas

On this day in 1974 newly-minted President Gerald Ford pardons his disgraced predecessor for any and all crimes related to the Watergate scandal. The reprieve…

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Mad Anthony Wayne at Fallen Timbers

On this day in 1794, General “Mad Anthony” Wayne proves that the fragile young republic called the United States can counter a military threat when…

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Hevrin Khalef – Kurds Murdered with USA Complicity

Her name was Ms Hevrin Khalef. This was a good woman, person and leader. She was pulled from her car and shot to death along…

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