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Anatomy of a Policy Murder: Will Duplicity and Dupes Kill Hope and Change?

If the last 40-odd days of health care hysteria serve any intellectually viable purpose, it is to ratify the Thomas Theorem on self-fulfilling prophesies: If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences. Indeed, like the famous “toilet paper panic” from the 1973 oil crisis and the more recent Obama ammo-hoarding ammo […]

The GOP: A One Hundred Year Record Of Swindling The American People

In 1921 — eight years before the great depression — Republicans took over the helm of this nation for 12 years. During that time there were three Republican administrations, the first of which was the administration of Warren G. Harding. History remembers Harding’s administration for one thing more than anything other — scandal. It was […]

Ted Cruz Keeps Talking, Democrats Rejoice

Ted Cruz, the first-term Republican Senator from Texas, has been called the “Distinguished Wacko Bird From Texas.” And it has been said that the term is fondly embraced by the Senator and his base of followers. As a result of his shenanigans leading the charge during the recent GOP/Teabully Government shutdown debacle, the majority of American voters, […]