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John Fugelsang's Advice On Dealing With Conservative Relatives On Thanksgiving (Video)

Wednesday on the ED Show, comedian and liberal activist John Fugelsang gives a few pointers on have to deal with your ‘Obamacare hating’ uncle, your ‘NRA’ uncle, your ‘gay for Reagan’ uncle and your uncle who uses Benghazi as a verb at the dinner table this Thanksgiving. Here’s an example. When discussing the history of […]

POTUS Signs a Stay of Execution at Midnight, Now What?

We should all be grateful that the Congress finally let cooler and professional members prevail at the bitter end.  Nonetheless, the bill the president signed into law at midnight reminded me of a movie where a governor calls the warden to prevent the execution of an innocent man. I am already worried about the next […]

4 Tearful Questions for the Speaker of the House

I watched the interview this afternoon between George Stephanopoulos and Speaker John Boehner on This Week in stunned silence.  Mr. Stephanopoulos let the Speaker get away with a line of bullshit for the entire interview. George, for God’s sake, you served in the Clinton administration.  Surely you and your staff could do better research to […]

Breaking Bad Over The Debt Ceiling

The United States Congress is “Breaking Bad.” Early signals from Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, on the up coming debt ceiling and continuing budget resolution votes, should scare the hell out of everyone. I think the “Summers” stock market bump (the market’s rose when Larry Summers withdrew his name from becoming chairman of […]