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Congressman Steve Cohen and Cartoonist Bill Day Discuss the Tea Party, the NRA, and Print Media on NPTR (AUDIO)

Last Sunday on National Progressive Talk Radio, Tennessee congressman, Steve Cohen (D), and his constituent, the gifted political cartoonist, Bill Day, discussed a variety of issues in a wide reaching conversation. Cohen joined for the first 30 minutes of the interview to praise the work of Bill Day. Cohen and Day took some criticism after […]

Bill McKibben on NPTR: Obama hasn't done anything on the environment that requires real courage (AUDIO)

On October 13th, noted environmentalist and the author of Eaarth and Oil and Honey, Bill McKibben met with hosts Sean Proctor and Dave Phillips of National Progressive Talk Radio to discuss the state of the environment and his work with McKibben may be the foremost environmental activist in the United States. His new book, […]

Down With Citizens United!: David Cobb of Move to Amend on NPTR (AUDIO)

Sunday evening on National Progressive Talk Radio, my fellow host (Sean Prophet) and I interviewed David Cobb from the Move to Amend movement, focused on amending Citizens United and taking corporate money out of politics. David is a great advocate for his cause and we had a lively conversation. We discussed the challenge of amending […]

NPTR Exclusive! Representative Steve Cohen on the Tea Party: ' They’re here as terrorists' (AUDIO)

Today on National Progressive Talk Radio, I spent a few minutes with Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) discussing the government shut down. Representative Cohen spared John Boehner and the GOP no kindness regarding the tough position they have put themselves and the country in by forcing the government stoppage over the Affordable Care Act. I asked […]

60 Rollicking Minutes on NPTR with Progressive Comedians, James Heneghen and Steve Hill (AUDIO)

Sunday night on National Progressive Talk Radio, my fellow host, Sean Prophet, and I had the pleasure of interviewing progressive comedians James Heneghen and Steve Hill. In an age of safe comedians, James and Steve stand out for their willingness to tackle social issues such as religion, inequality and the broken state of our electoral […]

David Brin and The Transparent Society on National Progressive Talk Radio (AUDIO)

Last night on National Progressive Talk Radio, I began my co-hosting duties with regular host, Sean Prophet and our brilliant guest, Dr. David Brin. Dr. Brin is a celebrated science fiction author, having received the Hugo, Locus, Campbell, and Nebula awards. Perhaps his most well-known book is “The Postman,” which was later turned into a […]