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Operation Iraqi Freedom Starts

On this day in 2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom is formally commenced against Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist government. The initial invasion involved 21 days of major combat…

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The Tokyo Firebombing

On this day in 1945, the Army Air Corps launches Operation Meetinghouse, generally referred to as the Tokyo Firebombing. The night of March 9-10, 334…

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NATO Peacekeeping in the Former Yugoslavia

On this day in 1994, in NATO’s first military action since its formation, U.S. fighter planes acting under United Nations sanction shoot down four Serbian…

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Ike’s Operation Overlord and Hitler’s End

On this day in 1944, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower is named Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) by FDR, serving in a…

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Trump’s War

The following is an excerpt from a post I made on Facebook 6 years ago. It goes double today. Just because I don’t support Benjamin…

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The Battle of New Orleans

On this day in 1815, two weeks after the Treaty of Ghent had ended the War of 1812 on Christmas Eve, General Andrew Jackson achieves…

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