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Barton And Copeland: Vets With PTSD Need To 'Get Rid Of That Right Now' (VIDEO)

What better day for the right-wing fringe to bash veterans that Veteran’s Day? That’s exactly what Kenneth Copeland and David Barton did on the Veteran’s Day broadcast of the “Believer’s Voice of Victory” program. Copeland quoted a passage from the Book of Numbers and perverted the words to claim that God said that soldiers shouldn’t […]

The Reality Of Veterans – Hint: Offering Support One Day A Year Isn't Enough

Nov. 11 Veterans Day celebrations were held all across the country. Vets received thanks for their service from young people on college campuses; and we were reminded of the implications of this day. Veterans on average are subjected to marketing on this day of the year—Veterans Day sales, free meals to vets, parades. But for me Veterans Day […]