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Sandy Koufax from Basketball to Cy Young Pitcher

On this day in 1965, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax throws the eighth perfect game in major league history, leading the Dodgers to a…

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Ford’s Fateful Faux Pas

On this day in 1974 newly-minted President Gerald Ford pardons his disgraced predecessor for any and all crimes related to the Watergate scandal. The reprieve…

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Chief Crazy Horse – Protector of His People

On September 5th in 1877, Oglala Sioux chief Crazy Horse is fatally bayoneted by a cavalry soldier in the guardhouse at Fort Robinson, Nebraska. The…

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Geronimo – Prisoner of War

On September 4th in 1886, Apache leader and medicine man Geronimo surrenders a third and final time to Lt. Charles Bare Gatewood, an Apache-speaking West…

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The Indomitable Brits

On this day in 1940, 300 German aircraft raid London, in the first of 57 consecutive nights of aerial bombardment. This bombing “blitzkrieg” (lightning war)…

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Ending the Revolutionary War

On this day in 1783, the Treaty of Paris, defining the legal conclusion of the American Revolutionary War, is signed in France. In attendance were…

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