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Tiny Atoms, Big Problems

On March 28th, 1979, the worst accident in the history of the US nuclear power industry occurs at reactor number 2 of Three Mile Island…

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Spindle Top: The Return of the Dinosaurs

On this day in 1901, the American oil industry is born as a gusher named Spindle Top blows; the United States would never be the…

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A Return to Perfidy

On this day in 1923 US Interior Secretary Albert Fall resigns from President Warren G. Harding’s cabinet in response to public outrage over the Teapot…

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The Great Smog

On this day in 1952, The Great Smog, a deadly air-pollution event, descends upon the British capital of London. When it finally lifted, government medical…

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The Witch of November Come Stealin’

On this day in 1975, American Great Lakes ore freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald sinks in a gale-force Lake Superior storm, losing all 29 hands aboard….

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I Will Fight No More Forever

On this day in 1904, the remarkable Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph dies on the Colville reservation in northern Washington at the age of 64….

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