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All Tsunamis Sweep Inland

There’s no such thing as a tsunami that stops at the shoreline. Without exception, each and everyone of them sweeps inland, dragging with it as…

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It’s Over, Bernie

So, Bernie, I understand you’re going to “assess” your presidential campaign. Let me save you the trouble. In a word, it’s over. If this were…

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Trump and Covid-19 Misinformation

It is pitifully clear that we have a “president” utterly bereft of the character needed in this hour of history. The public statements he makes…

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The Revolution Was Never Going To Be Televised

Jesus, this was brutal. And you thought Super Tuesday was a bad night for Bernie Sanders. That was a walk in the park compared to…

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The Coronavirus Comes To America

For those who were worried about what might happen if this president was ever faced with a real crisis, this is their worst fear realized….

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The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Warren

Now that Elizabeth Warren has decided to drop out of the race, a lot of liberals have blamed her demise on sexism. America, it seems,…

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