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John Fugelsang's Advice On Dealing With Conservative Relatives On Thanksgiving (Video)

Wednesday on the ED Show, comedian and liberal activist John Fugelsang gives a few pointers on have to deal with your ‘Obamacare hating’ uncle, your ‘NRA’ uncle, your ‘gay for Reagan’ uncle and your uncle who uses Benghazi as a verb at the dinner table this Thanksgiving. Here’s an example. When discussing the history of […]

Interactive Map Shows Food Stamp Cuts, State By State

An interactive map by Stateline tracks exactly where the hardest food stamps cuts — which went into effect on Nov. 1 — are hitting. The Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program (SNAP) supplements food budgets for approximately 47 million Americans and was reduced by $5 billion in reductions. The $5 billion in increased benefits were a […]

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing In North Carolina's 3rd District

North Carolina has been getting national attention for some time.  Between the draconian voter restriction laws, “Moral Mondays” in Raleigh and people being arrested it’s been a busy state.  However you look at North Carolina today, it’s obvious the people of North Carolina are not happy with the direction their state has taken under the […]

The GOP: A One Hundred Year Record Of Swindling The American People

In 1921 — eight years before the great depression — Republicans took over the helm of this nation for 12 years. During that time there were three Republican administrations, the first of which was the administration of Warren G. Harding. History remembers Harding’s administration for one thing more than anything other — scandal. It was […]