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Bill Maher Tells Politicians To Stop Pandering To Gun Nuts And Focus On Potheads (VIDEO)

Friday night, Comedian Bill Maher wondered why politicians aren’t paying as much attention to voting trends as they used to. With only 6% of the population being hunters and the approval rating for marijuana legalization being at a record high, Maher asked why they are still out in the wilderness doing photo ops with hunting […]

Maddow Recounts The Progress On Gay Rights and the Drug War: 'Thanks for nothing, Bill Clinton' (VIDEO)

Last night, host Rachel Maddow discussed the sea change over the last 20 years on gay rights. In doing so, she took particular issue with Bill Clinton over DOMA and DADT. However, the focus on the segment was more on the progress that the LGBT community has made in the last couple years, culminating with […]

Should there be a morning after? (OPINION)

The Obama administration’s decision to drop all efforts to block the sale of the morning after pill deeply troubles me.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the controversal abortion pill to be sold over-the-counter with no age restrictions. The FDA’s rule falls within the law.  Yet, common sense has been violated once again. […]

The Midwest Report – Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Midwest Report is a daily news-roundup dedicated exclusively to the American Midwest. The Report aggregates relevant links to important articles, concentrating on items that may be of interest to politically progressive Midwesterners – particularly the culture war and its consequences within our region. For access to the full articles, you must click on the […]

Blacks in the Midwest Face Pervasive Bias in Marijuana Arrests

The big picture The American Civil Liberties Union yesterday released a scathing report detailing rampant racial discrimination evident in the enforcement of marijuana laws. Judging from the data, black and white Americans are experiencing the broader war on drugs in vastly disparate ways. The ACLU reported that nationally, blacks who were arrested for marijuana possession […]