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Elizabeth Warren To Obama: Break Up The Banks…and Bring on Hillary? (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, is a speech to the Roosevelt Institute and Americans for Financial Reform, Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren challenged Wall Street and her President on “Too Big to Fail.” “Where are we in making sure behemoth institutions on Wall Street can’t bring down the economy again? And make wild gambles that suck up all the […]

DHS And Western Union Announce Alliance To Combat Human Trafficking

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced that they are forming an alliance with Western Union for the purpose of combating human trafficking. Western Union will work closely with the DHS Blue Campaign, which is the “unified voice for DHS’ efforts to combat human trafficking.” (Source) Among other services, DHS provides immigration relief for […]

Congressman Steve Cohen and Cartoonist Bill Day Discuss the Tea Party, the NRA, and Print Media on NPTR (AUDIO)

Last Sunday on National Progressive Talk Radio, Tennessee congressman, Steve Cohen (D), and his constituent, the gifted political cartoonist, Bill Day, discussed a variety of issues in a wide reaching conversation. Cohen joined for the first 30 minutes of the interview to praise the work of Bill Day. Cohen and Day took some criticism after […]