Black Widow Spiders Found In Grapes Across The Country

Let’s face it- spiders are one of those insects that fall close to the top of the list of things you don’t want to find in your fruit when washing them.  For several unsuspecting customers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin, that is just what they found.

Not only were spiders found, these spiders were some of the more deadly versions of our eight legged friends; the black widow. With its solid black body, accented with a red hour glass shape, they can cause severe injury, and even, death for those bit and not treated.

One Pennsylvania woman, while washing a batch of red grapes, felt her hand run across something slimy. After looking down at the colander of grapes she discovered a huge spider leg creep over the top of one of the grapes. Immediately the woman looked up the spider on the internet and found that it resembled a black widow; later confirmed true by an area spider expert.

Hundreds of miles away in a Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Aldi, Yvonne Duckhorn spotted a black widow crawling across a group of red grapes.  Duckhorn said:

I saw the legs moving frantically. I’ve seen bugs on fruit before, and I thought, ‘That is a very big spider.’ Nothing I’d ever seen before.

The grapes were wrapped in a plastic bag, handed off to an employee, where the store then decided to remove all grapes from the shelf.

In yet another incident this month, a 20 year old Michigan young man noticed a spider web in a bag of grapes that were purchased at the local Kroger. Though Callum Merry wanted to let the spider go outside, his 14-year old brother realized that it was a black widow and quickly intervened.

Black widows can be extremely dangerous, but unfortunately, they are not the only critter that has been threatening consumers this year. Just a month ago Brazilian wandering spiders forced a U.K. family from their home, after finding refuge on a group of bananas at the local market.

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