Bill O'Reilly Misses Point About Bill Day Cartoon and Steve Cohen Interview (Video)

A few days ago, we covered an interview of Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen on MSNBC. In that interview, Cohen talked about a tweet he had made of a cartoon created by The Big Slice’s Bill Day. The cartoon featured a semiautomatic rifle with the Navy Yard emblem in front of the Capitol building and the words NRA on that gun.

Bill O’Reilly misses the point made by Cohen, as well as the cartoon by Day, that the NRA’s influence dominates any discussion about gun control. As well as the point that the gun culture is so deeply ingrained in this country thanks in great part to the NRA’s influence that it has created an atmosphere where any discussion about gun control is met with a vitriolic reaction by a large percentage of the country who believes that the words “gun control” equals “take away all our guns!”

Instead, O’Reilly noted that the gun in Day’s cartoon is a semi-automatic when the guns used to murder 12 people at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. were not one.

O’Reilly goes on to boast in his usual arrogant fashion that Cohen turned down an invitation to appear on O’Reilly’s show because Cohen knows that he would be “reduced to pudding” if he would have agreed to be on the show.

Watch it below, uploaded from Youtube.

Author: The Blue Route

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