Bill McKibben on NPTR: Obama hasn't done anything on the environment that requires real courage (AUDIO)

On October 13th, noted environmentalist and the author of Eaarth and Oil and Honey, Bill McKibben met with hosts Sean Proctor and Dave Phillips of National Progressive Talk Radio to discuss the state of the environment and his work with

McKibben may be the foremost environmental activist in the United States. His new book, Oil and Honey focuses on his activism, the oil industry and the fate of bee colonies around the world.

In a one hour interview on National Progressive Talk Radio, Mckibben offers his opinion on the Keystone Pipeline, carbon emissions, climate change, and President Obama’s administration. While McKibben certainly believes that President Obama is a far better bet than any Republican candidate would be, he made it clear that the President has not done enough on the environment.

As McKibben said, “He (Obama) hasn’t done anything (on the environment) that requires real courage.”

Hear the full interview below:

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Author: David Phillips

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