Bill Maher's New Rule: Ronald Reagan Was The Original Teabagger (VIDEO)

Last night on Real Time, Host Bill Maher attacked the conventional wisdom that Ronald Reagan was too moderate to make it in today’s GOP.

In typically scathing style, Maher unloads a laundry list of facts that argue that Reagan was the godfather of the Tea Party movement.

“He was patient zero for everything you’re fighting against now. He was the original teabagger. Stop agreeing he was a saint, especially when his two miracles were turning water into polluted water and walking on the poor.”

I myself have often thought that Reagan would be too sane for the Tea Party, but after listening to Maher last night, I now realize that he was simply the diseased big bang from which all current bat shit emanated from. Mr. Maher, consider me duly admonished and corrected.

Author: David Phillips

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