Bill Maher Tells Politicians To Stop Pandering To Gun Nuts And Focus On Potheads (VIDEO)

Friday night, Comedian Bill Maher wondered why politicians aren’t paying as much attention to voting trends as they used to. With only 6% of the population being hunters and the approval rating for marijuana legalization being at a record high, Maher asked why they are still out in the wilderness doing photo ops with hunting rifles. He also says he understands some people do still hunt to feed their families, but doesn’t understand what makes people like Texas Senator Ted Cruz want to hunt anyway.

You’ve already proved your total dominion over creatures with brains the size of walnuts. After all, you’re the leader of the tea party!

Maher believes that if you want to get the youth vote, hanging out and shooting wildlife with a bunch of middle-aged men won’t get you there:

Millennials don’t want to wake up at 4 A.M to sit and wait for a moose to walk by. If they want to kill something, there’s an Xbox right downstairs. If conservatives want to broaden their base, they shouldn’t be pandering to hunters, they should be pandering to stoners. The new American voter isn’t some old coot shootin up some food, it’s a young Latino lesbian who smoked a boatload of dope.

He didn’t limit this advice to the GOP. After being ‘sick waiting on Democrats to evolve on the issue’, he called upon potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to step it up on the issue and bring back the old Hillary:

Hillary, consider yourself warned: If you want to protect the Democratic base of young voters, say goodbye to the pantsuit and say welcome back to stoner Hillary.


You can hear Maher say it himself in the video below

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Author: The Blue Route

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