Bill Maher Tears Into Republicans Over Minimum Wage (VIDEO)

On Friday night, Bill Maher explained to conservatives that refusing to raise minimum wage allows big corporations to leave their employees looking in the direction of government assistance – the same government assistance they don’t want people to be on.

Look, even if you’re not moved by the “don’t be such a heartless pr*ck” argument, consider the fact that most fast food workers, whose average by the way, now is 29, are on some form of government assistance, which is not surprising. When even working people can’t make enough to live, they take money from the government in the form of food stamps, school lunches, housing assistance [and] day care.

This is the welfare that conservatives hate, but they never stop to think. If we raise the minimum wage and force McDonald’s and Wal-Mart to pay their employees enough to eat, we the taxpayers wouldn’t have to pick up the slack.

This is the question the right has to answer: Do you want smaller government with less handouts, or do you want a low minimum wage, because you cannot have both. If Colonel Saunders isn’t going to pay the lady behind the counter enough to live on, then Uncle Sam has to.

Maher also said he is ‘getting a little tired of helping highly profitable companies pay their workers’.

You can hear his entire statement in the video below.


Author: The Blue Route

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