Bill Maher: Republicans Have 'Coke Addict's Obsession' With Repealing Obamacare (Video)

Bill Maher discussed the Republican obsession with repealing and/or defunding Obamacare on his show Friday evening and even compared the Republican’s obession to a coke addict’s obsession.

Indeed, it’s all we seem to hear about from Republicans these days. After all, the House Republicans have only voted forty one times now to repeal Obamacare. They have few other areas to go after the president these days so they keep picking at that Obamacare scab before the mandates in the bill are fully implemented.

They do so by doing inflammatory things like running scary commercials. the one shown in the video on Maher below, along with their other scare tactics about how much people’s insurance costs will go up, etc.

Maher said this about Republicans trying to tie a potential government shutdown at the end of this month to defunding Obamacare: Republicans are holding it hostage because they can, and he concluded that they have a “coke addict’s obsession with defunding Obamacare.”

Hard to argue with that.

Maher also lamented about the poor job that President Obama has done with selling his health care bill. And he also found it “really perverse” that the “vaginal ultrasound people” have the nerve to warn that the government wants to get inside a woman’s vagina.

Watch it below, uploaded from Youtube

Author: The Blue Route

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