Bill Clinton Has Ideas If Becomes First Man

In a candid interview with NPR, former President Bill Clinton revealed that if Hillary does in fact run for President, he’s looking forward to the duties of the First Man of the United States, or FMOTUS.

“The thing with being President is you have to always watch your ass,” President Clinton revealed, “but as the partner of the Leader of the Free World, no one really cares what you do, just don’t get arrested!” 

It was pointed out to President Clinton that previous First Ladies have taken on subjects like children’s health, education, reading and other issues facing our nation today. When asked what he, as FMOTUS, would focus on if Hillary were to win the office, he said the following:

“I go back and forth on that. I have a few issues I feel are very important that need to be addressed, like bullying, school lunches or kids being taught proper American History in our schools. However, I am also very concerned about the dress code in American Schools. What I mean is, I went to my wife to Japan and all those schoolgirls had on these adorable outfits, plaid skirts with knee-high socks, and I just thought it really seemed to make learning so much more interesting for everyone involved. I’m considering a nationwide push toward school girl outfits.”

When asked what he would want the boys to wear, he shrugged and said, “I don’t really care, but it would be nice if they would learn to pull their damn pants up – no one wants to see what’s going on down there, that just ain’t right.”


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