37th Vote To Repeal Obamacare by GOP: Number of Jobs Bills Proposed – Zero

Yesterday, House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare for the 37th(!) time by a vote of 229-195. Of course, this means absolutely nothing as Majority Leader, Harry Reid, will not even take up a vote on it in the senate, and if he did, it would never get 60 votes and (BIG) if it did, the President would certainly veto it. But hey, as John Boehner previously explained, the reason why they took up this pointless vote was because GOP House freshman hadn’t had the opportunity to vote on it yet. A hilarious distinction that Stephen Colbert ridiculed last week by saying maybe they should vote to go to war against Japan too. You know, Pearl Harbor and all.

The real travesty of this, isn’t so much the foolishness of the 37 votes, but the time and money wasted on doing so. Since 2011, the GOP House has spent 43 of 281 working days on attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act. For you stat heads out there, that is 15% of their time. Now that would be bad enough on its own. To make matters even worse, the cost of this determined futility to the tax payer is $55 million. One has to wonder, how many more kids could be in Head Start now with that money? Since the sequester fester, many states have been forced to draw lotteries to decide which children can go to Head Start or not. Think about that, “child lotteries” are being performed while the House has spent little to no time looking for a sequester fix. Well, that is, unless you are a frequent flyer. In which case, you get your fix and in a hurry.

Remember, this is the fiscally conservative, job focused party. Hell, just ask them. Late last year, the House web site claimed there were 30 “jobs” bills passed by their legislative body that were languishing in the Democratically controlled Senate. However, their list only numbered 27 and many of them were not even jobs bills. If you want to see this page on their site, well, you can’t. They are so proud of their work that they didn’t even keep the page active. See here. “Page Not Found” link.

If you are wondering when the 38th attempt to repeal Obamacare will come forth, just remember, the mid terms are next year. Since the GOP is expected to hold the House, I suspect that the incoming freshman will want their opportunity to waste their own time and our money shortly after. All while their record of job creation can be ironically summed up by a “Page Not Found” link on their own web site. I will admit, it is written in a pretty script.

Author: David Phillips