Almost Half of Men Not Comfortable with a Woman President?

I need to go on record: I am not in that ” almost half.” If you are, I suggest you deal with it; it’s going to happen. If you know history, you might observe, “The sooner the better,” too. Seriously. It’s hard to see how a woman could do worse. We’ve had some doozies, guys.

Let me I clarify, though. I supported and voted for HRC. Twice in fact, though Obama quickly won me over as President. But while I am certain she’d have been good, I can’t support her trying again. Something’s happened to her, and while I can’t put my finger on exactly what, I don’t want her to run again.

Partly, I’ve evolved more progressive myself. I want the so called “Green New Deal,” not because AOC proposed it (though I am a big fan), but because we somehow have to.

I’ve been tracking our inexorable climate change for longer than many of you have been alive. It’s real. It must be addressed, and I am very uncomfortable with its “Yeah, but” dismissal by leading moderates, even including Barack Obama. The genXers, millennials and even younger are angry and they should be. (“Okay, Boomer,” indeed.)

Throw in the necessity of real national healthcare reform, the appalling need to address the cost of higher education (with the present apocalypse of student loan debt), backsliding ethnic and gender diversity rights, and you don’t need to even add violently resurgent national racism to figure out why the young are pissed.

We have to go progressive to make America right again. And there’s a couple of progressive women running for President. Deal with it guys.

I’ve been a Bernie fan for literally decades, but he’s always been a better activist than executive, to say naught of pushing it in age. If he’s the nominee I’ll bust my butt getting him elected.

But there are options, including some outstanding women.

S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun

What say you, the people?