The Airing of (right wing) Grievances

In the immortal words of Frank Costanza, I GOT A LOT OF PROBLEMS WITH YOU PEOPLE! I recently somehow ended up in a conversation with a RepubTeaBirtherTarian. I know, I know, I’m never getting that time back. How I always end up in irrational conversations with irrational people is beyond me. Not too long ago I had a guy who did everything he could to convince me that I actually DID NOT see a 767 crash into a building that I was standing 3 blocks away from at the time. This guy was just as ready to “educate” me. He came with the all-star lineup: Kenya, Indonesia, foreign student visa etc…   Where is the birth certificate? Why is he afraid to release his transcripts, and why does no one actually “remember” knowing him at Harvard? If he’s got nothing to hide why won’t he make these things public? Why does he always try to divide the country more by playing the race card? Why can’t I question him without being a racist? On and on, you know the rest.

So I have some questions of my own for the um, patriots among us.

1. May we see YOUR birth certificate?

2. How many other Presidential candidates birth certificates have you looked at?

3. Who did you vote for in 2008? If you say McCain, not only are you a hypocrite, you’re freely admitting to a double standard. John McCain was born in Panama. He SAYS he was born in the canal zone, which by law would make him a citizen. How do we know this to be true? How do you know he wasn’t born in a cab, or on the other side of the canal zone fence? That was 80 years ago, how do you know that his father, an Admiral and high-ranking DoD official didn’t pull some strings?

4. What is this obsession with President Obama being Muslim, or at the very least a Muslim lover? If he loves Muslims he’s got a funny way of showing it. The man is responsible for more dead Muslims than the Knights Templar.

5. Lets say that President Obama is a Koran toting, prayer mat owning, Allah worshipping Muslim. So what? I’m still waiting for someone to direct me to the section of the United States Constitution that prohibits Muslims from being President.     Wait, cancel that. Forget those questions, answer this… How far up ones ass does ones head have to be to believe that there was a grand conspiracy perpetrated over 50 years to completely fabricate someones entire life story from birth up to his college years where multiple media outlets covered his being the first African-American to lead the Harvard Law Review, all in order to defraud more than 60 million people into voting to elect him President not once, but twice, yet these conspirators were NOT smart enough to fabricate a birth certificate and college transcripts that some random winner with an iPad and frequent flier miles couldn’t expose? In the meantime….   You know why so many people who didn’t actually care for President Obama voted for him? Because irrational whack jobs hijacked an entire party and instead of governing and talking about you know, actual shit, spent 4 years talking about birth certificates, college transcripts, making (not so) subtle racist remarks and trying to pin down where Barack Obama REALLY attended 3rd grade. You know why the last nail in the Republican coffin will be hammered in next November? Because irrational whack jobs hijacked an entire party and spent the last 3 years bitching about the Constitution, and then pissing on that Constitution by holding 41 “symbolic” votes to repeal something that can’t be repealed as it was passed by the legislative branch, signed into law by the executive branch and ruled constitutional by the judicial branch, instead of holding one ACTUAL vote on a jobs bill, or a budget. Holding the country hostage because Obamacare is “very unpopular”. That’s one of the reasons why we have checks and balances. Just because it’s not popular doesn’t mean it’s not right. You know what else wasn’t popular? The Declaration of Independence, The Emancipation Proclamation, The Civil Rights Act, Lend Lease, The New Deal, American involvement in both WWI and WWII among countless other things that we celebrate today. You people do know that President Obama is term limited and will not be running for reelection don’t you? Still resorting to character assassination after almost 6 years in is like writing dirty things about the head cheerleader on the bathroom wall the day before graduation. The shit you people throw around is ridiculous. Most people think that Congress no longer represents the people that elected them. I absolutely disagree with that. Now, more than ever, this Congress represents the people who elected them. Go to any political discussion thread, blog or chat and the ignorance and stupidity are verbatim what you see on the floor of the House and Senate. Poorly informed, reactionary voters have sent to Congress people who don’t know their job descriptions, let alone the system of checks and balances. Whether you support Obamacare or not, it is criminal what these people are doing. Hijackers who’ve decided that they’ll knock the whole house down if they don’t get their way. People like Michele Bachmann who has been in Congress for 8 damn years and STILL doesn’t know what the debt ceiling is. She’s on the House Intelligence Committee and routinely asks questions about things said in House Intelligence briefings. IN PUBLIC. And on top of that she’s multiple times taken shit she got from the Onion, or from someone else who got it from the Onion to the House floor and live TV interviews. You know who votes for these morons? People who bitch about birth certificates for 6 freakin years! It was funny at first. Then offensive. Then sad. Now, now it’s dangerous.

Author: Ryan Eatmon

Son, Father, political hack, lover of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks and the Marquette University Golden Eagles. Co-Founder and Admin of The Blue Route.

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