Activist Says Marriage Equality Leads To Bestiality, Self-Marriage

We are all used to the outrageous “slippery slope” arguments coming out of the marriage equality debate. A well- known activist in the “family” circuit in Hawaii has a not-so-new argument, though, and a new one.

Jim Hochberg, President of Hawaii Family Advocates (isn’t it weird how these bigoted organizations always have the word “family” in their names?) says that if Hawaii’s bill to allow gays and lesbians to marry becomes law, that same-sex marriage will be just the beginning. He fears that next, people will be allowed to marry animals, and perhaps even themselves. He says of the bill in an anti-marriage equality video he recently made:

You have to ask yourself the question, ‘Well, where does it stop?’ We have bisexual people who like to have sex with both their own and the other gender — so should they be able to have two spouses? And then, why not four so that each person can have two of the other and one of the same? Or five? Or whatever!

Now, all thinking people know that there are absolutely no grounds for these absurd arguments, but people like Hochberg will continue to rant on and on until marriage equality is the law of the land in all 50 states. In the aforementioned video, a list of all manner of consequences of marriage equality scrolled, including but not limited to polygyny, polyandry, bi-sexual marriage, group marriage, concubinage and “beastiality” [sic]. Insane, I know.

In a last, desperate attempt to frighten people into his camp, Hochberg referenced Nadine Schweigert, who “married” herself, as a symbol of empowerment, to show that you can be happy without a spouse. He said of her symbolic “marriage”:

I read on the Internet that a woman somewhere married herself because she had her inner groom.

Schweigert did nothing of the sort. Her ceremony was symbolic, for self-empowerment.

All in all, displays like Mr. Hochberg’s just show how desperate the so-called “family” crowd is getting as right-thinking people win this culture war.

Author: The Blue Route

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