About Us

In late 2013 a group of political junkies launched The Blue Route, a political commentary, news and current events network. In the years since we launched, we have gone from a small blog and Facebook page to a sizeable network that provides a platform for amateur and professional writers alike, a place for activists to get the word out about various causes, and above all, a place to bring actual debate back to the national debate. While we come from the left side of the political spectrum, we welcome opinion and commentary from both sides. We’ve grown our audience to thousands of regular readers. We’ve had opinion pieces picked up by major outlets as well as contributors who have participated in roundtable discussions on National Progressive Talk Radio.

We began this project with a goal to provide contributions that are thoughtful, fact based, and sourced appropriately whenever applicable, yet allow for humor, satire, or irreverence in editorials. We make it a point to also highlight positive human interests that contribute to the betterment of society. Above all, we wanted to avoid the sensationalism, dog whistling, and hyperbolic headlines in our content and not appeal to the lowest common denominator of political discourse. We have a small, but dedicated group and our door is always open to anyone who wants to contribute. Along with the website we have an active Facebook page and a Twitter feed. We are a small, ad free outfit run by a group of regular folks seeking to grow and make a difference.