A Portrait Of Cornel West – The Liberace Of Faux Intellectualism

Have you ever noticed that nearly every public pronouncement that spews from the mouth of Cornel West is literally dripping with racial innuendo? His latest racist slander is that MSNBC is the ‘Rent a Negro’ network.

Cornel West spews more racist rhetoric than any Republican in America. The reason for that is he’s essentially an entertainer who specializes in shock and race-baiting as his one and only routine. Clear evidence of that is he’s over the top in everything that defines him – he’s over the top in his personal image, in his overly gesticulative presentation, and his rhetoric is invariably inflammatory. Everything about him is a contrivance that’s specifically designed to bring attention to himself. The actual issues are meaningless to him. They’re nothing more than a platform to launch his performance. In short, Cornel West is the Liberace of faux intellectualism.


West routinely uses policy differences as a pretext for making unsubstantiated and slanderous assertions about the character of the president and every other high-profile Black person who overshadows him:

1). President Obama is “a war criminal.”
2). President Obama is “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs . . .”
3). President Obama is “a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.”
4). President Obama is “a Rockefeller Republican in Blackface.”
5). President Obama has “a certain rootlessness, a deracination.”
6). President Obama is “Afraid Of Free Black Men.”
7). President Obama is “a global George Zimmerman.”
8). Dr. Harris-Perry is “a fake and a fraud”
9). Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is “a sellout.”
10). Al Sharpton is “a sellout.”
11). MSNBC is the “Rent a Negro Network.”

Not one of those assertions is a disciplined and scholarly substantiated assessment of the facts. On the contrary, they’re the reckless and intellectually undisciplined rants of a bitter, self-serving, and severely discredited academic fraud.

For Cornel West there’s something ‘racially defective’ about every Black person who has the audacity to preempt Cornel West from the limelight. In order to gain clear evidence of that fact one simply has to ask oneself, what efforts have West made to try to improve the plight of the Black community?

1). Is he in the community teaching 3rd grade to help ensure a better education for our children, or teaching at an Historically Black College or University to help “enlighten” young Black students?

No. He’s never taught at a school that more than 1% of Black students can even afford to have lunch in throughout his entire career.

2). Is he in the community teaching our young men to cherish, honor, and respect our Black women – the very womb of our culture?

No. He’s out trying to sell books filled with inane and misleading information, doing $30,000 an hour speeches, and trying to become a hip hop star.

3). Is he advising his good friend and business partner, Tavis Smiley, to be consistent with his sermons by being “accountable” to the community, and returning the money that he made on the Wells Fargo “Ghetto Scam” loans that he helped to herd over 30,000 poor minorities into?

Nope, not a peep.

So again, Cornel West’s card has been peeped as the Liberace of faux intellectualism. So he needs to either put up, or shut up.


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Eric L. Wattree

Author: Eric Wattree

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