A Drop in Gay Suicides

This, I suspect, is a big part of the reason the (not really) “christian” pretender in chief so vehemently decries making it legal. To say nothing of the pharisees making millions pretending they understand anything Jesus said or taught.

I say this a lot (apologies to gay friends): ‘I’m so personally straight that I suspect I would be gay had I been born a woman I think I get where they’re coming from.””
But I readily admit this is beside the point: I don’t have to ‘get’ anything. All that matters is that here, any person is free to be what they are. That’s Constitutional reality. And if anyone says, “Where in the Constitution does it say that?’ The answer is: “Where does it say they can’t?”

We really need to hammer that the founders, wisely and very deliberately, did not, and I repeat, did not make this a ‘christian’ nation. And we must decry and resist the fake christian effort to make it one.

S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun

What say you, the people?